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Our proven, patented technology and certified systems offer high quality, reliable and affordable clean energy solution.

Simple, Durable and Reliable: The DSVT ICS system relies only on natural convection and solar radiation. There are no moving parts, no pumps or controls to maintain, and no electrical energy is used in its operation. The system runs on local water pressure alone and is virtually maintenance free.

Highly efficient: The DSVT ICS system can take water straight from a water hose and heat it to 203F or 95C degree in just one sunny summer day in Houston area. In one and half days it can bring the water all the way to boiling temperature during winter time in Houston area.

Easy to install and service: Regardless of whether the product is mounted on the ground or roof, the installation is a breeze. Installation requires a minimum amount of hardware and tools. Serviceability is excellence as well, each DSVT ICS collector/storage unit is replaceable and the vacuum tubes can be replaced without even interrupting system running.

Superior insulation and Freeze protection: The evacuated vacuum tube provides excellent insulation and solar thermal absorption to the DSVT ICS products. The product may not freeze even when exposed to temperature as low as -10F or -23.3C degree due to the vacuum insulation and thermal mass in the DSVT ICS collector ( Freezer tested for 6 hours at 10F or -12C degree)

Our product can be made free of freeze damage by special order.

Pressure test: Each of the stainless steel inner tube and every DSVT ICS product are pressure tested before shipping out from our manufacturing facility, and the product is tested 154 psi or 1.06 Mpa by Solar Rating & Certification Corporation (SRCC) of America.

Corrosion resistance: All DSVT ICS inner storage tubes are made by stainless steel with special corrosion resistance design.

Hurricane wind tested: 150 mph wind load analyzed by Florida Institute of Technology.