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One of the primary applications for Dixie Solar Vacuum Tube Integral-Collector-Storage water heater is domestic water heating (DWH). Below are two examples of how to plumb a DSVT ICS system for residential use:

Direct Solar system - Because the DSVT ICS integrates collector and storage in one unit, it works great as a completely independent system. This set-up would be best suit for vacation homes and for applications where electricity or gas is not readily available.

"Two-way" system for gas tankless or conventional gas or electric water heater - This set-up can function in one of two ways; either as a solar pre-heater to the conventional water heater or as only a conventional water heater when the DSVT ICS system is by-passed. A conventional gas or electric water heater or gas tankless water heater can be used as a back up water heater.

OG-300 certification is to review the manufacturer's solar domestic hot water (SDHW) system designs by SRCC. The certification integrates results of collector tests and system tests with evaluations against minimum standards of system durability, reliability, safety and operation; as well as factors affecting total system design, installation, maintenance and service.

OG-300 System Certification allows customers in the US to qualify for many state and utility rebate programs.

Dixie Solar has 20 residential solar hot water systems that are OG-300 certified. The DSVT ICS is the first and only vacuum tube Integral Collector Storage (ICS) type solar water heater that has been certified by SRCC.

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