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Solar thermal cooling can be achieved via absorption cycles, dessicant cycles and solar-mechanical processes.

The absorption cycle solar cooling system works like a refrigerator - it uses hot water to compress a gas that, once expanded, will produce an endothermic reaction, which cools the air.

Due to the high efficiency, superior insulation and the ability to absorb solar rays from 360 degrees, DSVT ICS unit when connected in series, the product is able to easily produce hot water at temperatures greater than 176F or 80C degree to support space heating and cooling by combining with absorption or adsorption chiller.

We are looking for business partners to develop solar thermal cooling systems for both residential and commercial projects.

Low pressure steam generator - The evacuated tube has absorptivity efficiency greater than 91% and emissivity less than 8%. The high efficiency of the DSVT ICS is what enables it to generate steam. This ability to generate steam presents another potential application of the DSVT ICS products, driving low pressure steam generator.

We are looking for business partners to develop this field